Five Tips to Fix Your IG Feed

Oct 24, 2023

While a recent Pew Research study confirmed that Facebook is still the most utilized social media platform for adults, Instagram is moving up the ranks as a top engagement platform for people between 18-49. This is great news if your target audience consists of Instagram users and you’re strategically posting on the platform. However, you may need to fix your Instagram feed if you’re just posting content and not looking at the user experience of your profile.


Here are five quick tips to fix your Instagram feed and elevate your Instagram profile:


Instagram Feed on iPhone and coffee Keyword Rich Bio – Instagram now uses keywords to search through posts and pages for the best content to share when someone searches. Fix your feed by making sure your Instagram bio is keyword rich! Brittany Herzberg does a nice job with this.

Utilize the Highlights – Highlights are a great place to post content specific to your products, services, or offers. Use them strategically to add important links and information to the top of your Instagram page. BUT! Don’t drown each Instagram highlight with 55 random stories posted over time – use 1-5 key posts that guide or inform your customer. These are like bookmarks on your Instagram profile. Emma O’Brian does this really well!

Use Pinned Instagram Posts Strategically – Pinning three Instagram posts to the top of your feed keeps important information front and center when people visit your Instagram profile. Think about these the top three posts as strategic things you want visitors to know/click/do. Level up your game by making these three Instagram posts contiguous so they spread across the top as a banner. I learned this from Sophia Parra and she uses them to sell her latest offering.

Consider Building a Static Instagram Page – If updating Instagram regularly feels overwhelming, you might consider creating an informative Instagram page rather than a feed. This takes the pinned post idea a bit farther and creates a cohesive visual grid, sometimes referred to as a “9 Grid”, that visitors can use to find key information and calls to action. If you use this method, you’ll want to post any fresh content as stories, so you don’t muddy up your static page. Heather Simpson recently started doing this for Her Connection Hub.

Chill Out on the Hashtags – This may be an unpopular opinion but piles of Instagram hashtags are unnecessary. Instagram is more like a search engine than a hashtag aggregator these days. Create quality post captions and engaging content that is keyword rich. If you’re really into hashtags, you can add a couple at the end. But make sure they are relevant and not overly general or spammy.

Want More Social Media Strategy?

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