How to Build an Instagram 9-Grid

Jan 3, 2024

Keeping your Instagram feed current can feel overwhelming, particularly for small businesses wearing allllll the hats in the business. Even in my own role as a digital marketing agency owner, marketing my own business can feel like a full time job in itself.

Instagram Static Feed Grid on iPhone Recommendations for how to best manage your Instagram feed vary depending on who you talk to. My recommendation is to decide if using Intagram as a feed is beneficial, and attainable for you, or if it’s time to switch to an Instagram 9-Grid.

If you find yourself saying things like, “I just hate posting on Instagram” or “I just don’t have time to spend on social media”, it may be time to shift your approach.


How to Create a Static Instagram Page Grid

There are probably several ways to do this, here are my steps:

  1. Decide if you want a 9-Grid or a 12-Grid I think a 12-Grid looks nicer on a mobile device.
    • 9-Grid is 3 squares across, 3 squares down (3×3)
    • 12-Grid is 3 squares across, 4 squares down (3×4)
  2. Create a Canva document that assumes 1080 px for each square of the grid.
    • A 9-Grid is 3240 x 3240 px
    • A 12-Grid is 3240 x 4320 px
      Instagram 9-Grid or 12-Grid Configuration
  3. In Canva, go to File // View Settings // Add Guides
    Add Instagram Grid Post Guides in Canva
  4. Add the appropriate guides across and down with no gaps
    • Canva already has a 3×3 grid as an option. Here I use a 3×4 to create an Instagram 12-Grid using the custom setting
      Select the correct number of guides for an Instagram Static Post Grid
  5. Design your Instagram Post Grid and export as a .PNG
  6. Open on your browser
  7. Click on “Split Images”
  8. Upload your image
  9. In the “How to Split” box, indicate how many blocks you want vertically and horizontally.
    • For example, a 12-Grid will be 3 blocks vertically and 4 blocks horizontally.
      How to cut an Instagram Static Grid Image into squares
  10. Click Process and Download – let the magic happen!


Building the Static Post Grid in Instagram

Now that you have your static grid images, you need to post them on Instagram in order – starting with the bottom right corner and moving right to left. Post them in the order shown below, so your top left Instagram image is the last one you post.

Instagram Static Feed Post Order

Once you post all of the images in your 9-Grid or 12-Grid to your page, you’re done!


If you want some help with your 9-Grid, or with optimizing your Instagram page as a whole, send us an email. Our team loves using SEO and compelling graphics to elevate your Instagram account!



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