Data-Driven Marketing on The Basic B Podcast

Feb 1, 2024

I was so excited to sit down with Brittany Herzberg, fellow SEO guru and Case Study Copywriter. Brittany recently launched her SEO-focused marketing podcast The Basic B and we got down to business drinking coffee and talking about all the things – from understanding the role of a Fractional CMO to how to get started with a data-driven marketing strategy.

Honestly, we also talk about coffee, high school, and Instagram. Because, why not? And it was a blast!



Here are a few of my favorite highlights:


Promo image for The Basic B podcast featuring Rachael Woods How did I become a marketing strategist?

This is always a great story that starts with me taking zero-hour chemistry classes in high school and heading to college to get a degree in chemistry, only to discover that I pass out around blood and needles. Goodbye to med school or a career in forensic science!

Somehow, I landed in this creative field of marketing!

What are the 3 questions you need to ask for smarter marketing decisions?

I will probably say this on every marketing podcast I land on until the end of time! Before you build any marketing strategy or launch a campaign, you need to ask three key questions:

  1. Who is your target audience? Really, who are they? More than age and gender, who do they follow on social media? What podcasts do they listen to? What are their wants or needs?
  2. What are your competitors doing? How is their SEO? Are they engaged in paid ads? If so, how is that performing? What is their keyword strategy?
  3. Is your marketing infrastructure solid? How is your SEO? What does your customer journey look like? Do you have any gaps you need to address?


What is a Fractional CMO?

Fractional leadership is becoming really popular, particularly with start-ups. We dig into this trend and how to access a suite of pros, within your budget.

Would it be a marketing podcast without talking about ways to get what you need on a budget? We’re all trying to stay nimble and get the most ROI for our investments!


The Instagram 9-Grid

Brittany was so interested in the strategy of using a 9-Grid on Instagram, as well as how to build a 9-Grid and who should have one. This was a fun chat about how to leverage this low-maintenance Instagram strategy and how to get started build one. After we chatted, she build a 9-Grid for The Basic B Instagram page!


Coffee stands and barista love

We ended with our shared love of coffee and getting to know our favorite coffee stand baristas. I give a shout out to my favorite local coffee brand and the wonderful women I see when I visit.


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