Have You Ever Wondered Why?

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Have you ever wondered why?

We are spending a lot on marketing. What are we getting?

We did 100 social posts. Why did we not see increased revenue?

We have so many marketing tools! But how do they fit together?

Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

It may be time for a new Marketing Strategy

You need a data-driven, comprehensive marketing strategy that expertly integrates all your marketing tools and strategically implements new marketing initiatives. Without that strategic plan, you will never see consistent, measurable results.

We can provide a direct connection between your marketing investments and your audience engagement. If you’re investing in places where you can’t see the return on investment (ROI), or working with a digital marketing agency that doesn’t provide the data, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

We are here to help, with marketing strategy services tailored to meet your business goals and your budget.

Need Fractional Marketing?

Do you need marketing expertise to increase revenue but aren’t generating enough revenue to hire a team member with marketing expertise? We get it! You need a Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

Fractional CMOs are part-time contractors. Their role is to evaluate your needs, work with you to establish a comprehensive marketing strategy, and execute the initiatives. They can be your core marketing expert, serving as your internal marketing leader, or support your existing team as a digital marketing agency partner.

Fractional CMO and Digital Marketing Agency owner

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Leverage a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

No single marketing tactic can stand alone. Businesses need a full-funnel, integrated marketing strategy that speaks to customers at each stage of their journey.

We have everything you need for your digital marketing toolbox, as well as all the data on which tools will accomplish your goals and monthly reports on how campaigns are performing.

Why Choose Us

Client testimonials say it better than we can!

Rachael brings a unique combination of analytic and creative thinking to her work. Rachael is a great thought partner in working through strategic approaches to difficult communication issues. She easily moves from big picture strategy into the detail of execution. She also always seems to be up on the latest technology available to get messages out. I’ve really appreciated her insights over many years.

Beth Zborowski

Washington State Hospital Association

Rachael is a joy to work with – and I say this having worked most closely with her during several emergencies in Skagit County. Beyond strategy and crisis communications, Rachael really *gets* how to communicate. She understands that successful outreach is as much about listening to the community as it is talking about an agency’s mission, vision and values – and she brings that approach to everything she does as a public relations professional.

Bronlea Mishler

Bronlea M. Consulting

I’ve worked with Rachael within the healthcare industry for many years. The breadth of experience to appreciate the complete picture of marketing and methodically work her way through a problem to implement a solution that creates audience awareness seems instinctive to her. Her process has a natural energy, conveying a sincere desire to succeed for whomever she may represent. 

Aaron Logue

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