Micro-Proximity Marketing In Action

Oct 31, 2023

Last weekend the Hubs and I took a trip to Las Vegas for the When We Were Young 90’s Punk music festival.

Music Festival in Las Vegas with Micro-Proximity Marketing I can confidently tell you two things about this trip:

  1. We are too old to be jamming for 12 hours in a glorified parking lot in 90-degree heat.
  2. Vegas is all-in on micro-proximity marketing!


The moment I entered the Strip, my phone became filled with ads promoting events/restaurants/activities for tourists.

  • Ice Bar? Here is a coupon code.
  • Selfie Museum? 30% off this week!
  • Cirque Show? Click for discounted tickets.

Food. Entertainment. Celebrity chefs. They were all around me, and their ads were all over my phone.


How does micro-proximity marketing work?

Micro-proximity targeting, also called geofencing, serves real-time ads based on the GPS coordinates of your mobile phone. Advertisers promoting events and destinations on the Las Vegas Strip want everyone who enters the area to see their ads. So they place a virtual “fence” around the strip and mobile phones entering that area will be served these ads.

One of the interesting things about geofencing is that you can layer on additional criteria. In addition to coming into the geographical area of the Las Vegas Strip, some advertisers may want to target women (I saw a lot of ads for the Magic Mike show) or specific income thresholds.


Geofencing can be very precise.

The interesting thing about micro-proximity in Vegas is that it does not appear that many advertisers include the airport in their geo targeting. The influx of ads didn’t really start until we entered the Strip.

This makes sense if you think about it. It’s likely that a lot of people move through the Las Vegas airport without any intentions of visiting the Strip. Why bother paying to serve ads to these phones when those people might be passing through, stopping briefly for a layover, etc.

The precision of micro-proximity marketing makes it a great tool for location-specific advertising and capturing people in real time.


Would micro-proximity work for your business?

Micro-proximity works well for businesses hoping to capture visitors within a window of time. This can be related to events, activities, and destinations where you want to encourage people nearby to visit your location. If you’re at a mall, for example, you might see a coupon for a restaurant pop up on your phone as you walk by.

Geofencing can also be a nice tool for capturing attention of your competitor’s customers. You might consider fencing a similar business and enticing people there with a coupon to visit your establishment.


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