My Favorite Marketing Podcasts

Aug 10, 2023

I consume a lot of content, particularly business strategy and marketing podcasts. I love hearing from entrepreneurs who’ve been in the start-up trenches that I’m currently in, and business experts offering tips and tools to improve my operations. I find that listening to a favorite personality while I’m driving or walking can really spark my creative juices!

There are probably millions of awesome marketing podcasts out in the world, many of them I would probably enjoy if I listened to them. Here are my go-to favorites. Some business, some not!


Duo On Air Podcast

The Duo Collective is a boutique marketing agency started by “two business besties.” Their business focus is branding and SEO and their podcast offers incredible value on those topics. Their content also includes great nuggets for entrepreneurs and general marketing strategy, which I find really valuable. I also just really appreciate their authenticity, transparency, and general approachability. They sprinkle some fun and personality into their podcast, as well as their other content, and I feel like I connect with them as humans – not just marketing pros.


Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield has about a zillion fans and does not need my endorsement to continue her incredible success. However, I really love her encouraging messages and actionable tips for entrepreneurs and marketers. There have been several occasions where I turned off the pod and took action on an idea or concept from the episode. I almost always walk away with a gem or two, even if my business trajectory is a little different than the episode focus. I feel like her content really speaks to us all at some point in the episode.


Promote Yourself to CEO

I actually discovered Racheal Cook through ConvertKit, an email marketing platform and creator network that we both use. I started listening to her podcast and I’ve really found value in her episodes. She is focused more on business growth and strategy than marketing, which is really applicable for a budding entrepreneur. Similar to my love for the Duo Collective, Racheal Cook has a very down-to-earth and approachable message that gives you actionable steps, as well as the vulnerability of not having everything completely figured out. I always appreciate pros who enter the conversation with an appreciation that we are all human and navigating this thing called life.


WorkLife with Adam Grant

I fell in love with the WorkLife podcast years ago (looks like 2019) and have come back to some of these early episodes many times. Adam Grant wrote another book in 2021 called Think Again (which is fantastic, by the way) and reset his podcast to focus on Rethinking. I like the new concept but I absolutely loved some of his original episodes. The original Work Life really spoke to me in a time when trying to “make work not suck” was a daily practice.  His scientific approach to any conversation speaks to my soul. Here are two can’t-miss episodes from the early days:


I’m going to round this out with some non-work podcasts. We all need to consume content that fills our heart and makes us laugh. Here are two of my go-to pods for living my best life.


Armchair Expert

Armchair Expert is an umbrella brand created by Dax Shepard, which started with really fun celebrity interviews. Those were always great. But I think the crown jewels of the Armchair Expert portfolio are two of their weekly series: Armchair Anonymous and Flightless Bird.

In Armchair Anonymous, people call in to tell a story based on a prompt – like tell us about your worst homeshare experience (it is much worse than you would think) or a cremation disaster. Of course, there are bathroom-related themes and other not-safe-for-work episodes – and they are hilarious. I am constantly amazed at the crazy things that happen to other people. The unscripted nature of it makes me feel like I met a random person in line for a drink at the bar and we became besties. While going through a difficult season recently, I would sit in the sauna and listen to Armchair Anonymous on my headphones, feeling infinitely better when I emerged.

Flightless Bird is a docuseries created by David Farrier. The general premise is that he’s a New Zealander in America, trying to figure out all the nuances of American life that are not common in New Zealand. The episodes seem a little random but they are really well researched and also have what feels like an unintended humor to them. I don’t think he’s trying to be funny but I find myself smiling the whole time I’m listening. A couple of my favorites: Game Shows and Disney Adults.


Consuming content that expands your thinking or warms your soul is a really important aspect of resting and rejuvenating. We can’t hustle and grind without a break to recharge. Hopefully one of these marketing podcasts will resonate with you and get added to your content playlist. Let me know what you think!


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