Don’t follow your heart, follow marketing data

Sep 27, 2023

Every one of my favorite musicians will disagree with me on this statement, but you should never follow your heart when it comes to marketing. Your marketing strategy should be built on data and best practice, not on intuition, personal preference, or assumptions.


A Quick Case Study

Data-Driven Marketing Decisions I recently completed a marketing assessment for a non-profit organization. Last year, the board felt strongly that social media was their top priority for marketing. So they invested the bulk of their marketing funds on social media for the year.

The paid efforts increased reach and followers. However, at the end of it they didn’t feel like it “moved the needle” on their top pain points.

🤷 What did that investment really achieve?

They decided to invest in a marketing assessment and we quickly identified their top priority: They really need a new, mobile-first website.

When we looked at the marketing data, it was pretty clear:


📲 78% of their website traffic comes from a mobile device.

❌ But their mobile usability score is 25 (out of 100).

🖥️ Their social media account sends customers to their website as the core source of information and updates.

📲 99% of social media users access the platforms on mobile devices.

❌ So customers were directed from a mobile social media app to a non-mobile accessible website.

📲 2/3 of their customer personas prefer finding their information online. They do not want to call someone on the phone.

❌ Because it was difficult to access core information, customers were forced to call… overloading phone lines and leading to more frustration.


The budget spent on elevating social media last year would’ve provided this organization with a leading-edge, mobile responsive website that addressed their pain points. With that completed, they could then focus on elevating their social media this year, with the mobile-first website as their source for customer updates and questions.

This is a common mistake. The organization followed the personal preference of their board and the assumption that social media would solve their communication issues.

A good reminder: Always start with the data.




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