Football is Like Website SEO

Oct 3, 2023

When it comes to website SEO, you must playing the long game. SEO strategy is like football strategy that way.

Allow me to explain!

Digital Marketing Agency owner at football game with husband If you’re anything like my family, football is playing loud in my living room all day on Sundays this time of year. You may even see us appear in the stands of a few Seahawks games – wearing our blue and green jerseys, screaming until we lose our voices.

As football season ramped up, I got to thinking that football players don’t start training in August. They don’t start working on the next season after Super Bowl weekend in February.

Football players start working on their game early in life, as kids. They build on their skills and fitness continually over time. They never stop analyzing the data, learning new ways to get ahead, or optimizing their techniques.

Football is a long game. Players spend their lives continuously improving. Franchises make moves looking at a long-term strategy and multi-year planning.


Football is like website SEO strategy.

Showing up well in search results requires ongoing effort over time, as well as attention to numerous factors and metrics. An SEO strategy continuously monitors the data, keeps current with emerging tools and ranking factors, and consistently updates and optimizes your site.

This is work that can’t be thrown together quickly. An SEO effort today will take several weeks or months to see any meaningful growth. And the true value becomes visible as much as a year or more after work begins.

However, if you start that work now and consistently build on it, you’re developing the long-term foundation of solid SEO that serves your business year after year. Like a quarterback who spent a lifetime training for this season.

Don’t be fooled by appearances.

Just like you won’t judge the quality of a football team by their uniforms, don’t assume your website is performing well because the graphic design is attractive.

The success of a football team, and your website, comes down to the data. They can look sharp, they can say all the right things – but show me the metrics.

Want to know your website metrics?

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