Case Study: Non-Profit Fundraising Event

Jul 20, 2023

How Video Advertisements Increased Ticket Sales and Donations to Non-Profit Fundraising Event

Non profit fundraising details

Video advertisements are a powerful tool that can help non-profit organizations to increase their fundraising results significantly. Compelling video advertisements that resonate with your target audience increases the likelihood that the right people will see your ad and take action to support your non-profit organization.

How powerful are video advertisements?

According to recent statistics, more than 80% of internet users have purchased a product after watching a video, and video content generates higher engagement rates than any other form of content.

By using targeted video ads to promote your non-profit organization and/or fundraising event, you can connect with your target audience emotionally, illustrate your mission and vision, and inspire them to donate and/or attend. With advanced targeting options, you can choose who sees your video ads, so that you can tailor your message to appeal to the right people at the right time, increasing your chances of converting viewers into attendees and donors.

Engaging and inspiring video ads that showcase your unique proposition and connect with your target audience, you can drive more people to attend the event and/or donate.


Non-Profit Art Center Fundraising Event Objective

The client in this case study wanted to increase ticket sales for their largest fundraising event of the year.


Non-profit fundraising outcomes


The Bottom Line: Strategy and Solutions

  • This advertiser had never used video advertising, so they wisely focused the video advertisements on people who may have not had any exposure to their organization and message.
  • This advertiser decided to continue running radio ads in the local area (as they had in the past), so video ads were targeted to geographic locations that radio ads wouldn’t reach. This greatly increased their reach and audience pool.
  • In order to maximize the likelihood that the audience would take action to buy tickets and/or donate, the video advertisements focused on people interested in the arts, entertainment, festivals, and events.
  • The strategy worked! 64% of their ads were watched all the way to the end, which showed we reached an audience that cared about our advertiser’s message.
  • By combining traditional radio broadcast ads with digital pre-roll video (the only change made from the previous year’s campaign), the client increased their sales by 30%!
  • The client was so impressed by the increase in sales by just adding video advertisements that this non-profit organization will continue to use this strategy for ALL future events.



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