Case Study: Healthcare Clinic

Aug 22, 2023

Healthcare Clinic Achieves 10x ROI from 3-Month Marketing Campaign

Healthcare marketing strategy It is well known that patients actively seek healthcare information and services online. Healthcare marketing strategies such as targeted display and paid search provides healthcare clinics the tools to drive more appointments, schedule elective surgeries, and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) in their marketing efforts. Targeted display and paid search strategies present a tremendous opportunity for healthcare clinics to reach their target audience effectively for brand awareness and call-to-actions.

By utilizing targeted display and paid search strategies, healthcare clinics can optimize their online presence, ensuring their services are visible to potential patients while actively searching for healthcare solutions. This targeted approach allows clinics to connect with individuals who are specifically interested in their offerings, increasing the likelihood of converting them into appointments or elective surgeries.

The visibility of a healthcare clinic plays a crucial role in attracting new patients and expanding its reach within the community. Targeted display and paid search campaigns offer a solution by helping healthcare clinics improve their online visibility through strategic placement of ads and optimizing search engine results.

Healthcare Clinic Objectives

To run highly targeted campaigns to build awareness and increase new patient acquisition for four of the client’s departments.


Healthcare marketing outcomes

The Bottom Line: Strategies and Solutions

  • Using information from the client, very targeted display ads and paid search campaigns were created, which resulted in a high rate of conversion.
  • Client gained ten new multi-state businesses as Occupational Medicine partners.
  • Successfully scheduled 3 major surgeries valued at $120,000.
  • Client invested $15,000 in that department’s advertising, which means a 10x ROI.
  • More than 250 appointments were scheduled directly from the advertising campaign.



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